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Jasper Desk

The people of Jasper Desk have taken pride in the unrivaled craftsmanship of their wood furniture since 1876. Although they have created many new designs and products since then, their traditions remain the same.
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Jasper Desk products are crafted using sustainable practices. The company has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


Generations of craftsmen, beginning with the founders of Jasper Desk, have passed years of woodworking knowledge and talents on to their younger counterparts, creating a true sense of heritage. The company operates at the same site where it was founded over 130 years ago.

Bespoke Furniture

In addition to their standard product lines, Jasper Desk will also customize or create furniture to the specifications provided for a specific customer application.

Executive Accommodations

Jasper Desk stands behind many of their solid wood and laminate products with decade-long warranties. They create furniture that is particularly well-suited for executive offices, board rooms, and conference rooms.

Brand Snapshot
  • Built exclusively in southern Indiana
  • Durable, solid hardwood and high-end laminate furniture
  • A tradition of craftsmanship that has lasted for over a century
  • Certified sustainable wood sourcing practices
Jasper Desk is a furniture company with a story of true heritage, beginning when a group of exceptional wood craftsmen arrived in the United States, leaving behind the Black Forest of southwestern Germany.

The company was founded as Alles Brothers Furniture Co. in 1876, and the talented craftsmen set out to build desks from the beautiful white oak timber that could be found near their new home of Indiana. Since then, they have continued their tradition of building fine hardwood furniture, while also expanding their product lines to include laminate goods that live up to their lofty quality standards.

Whether you are considering Jasper Desk products for an executive office, a reception area, or your boardroom, rest assured that their high quality standards and artisan hardwood finishes – including cherry, maple, oak, and walnut – will make a distinctive statement.

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