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Herman Miller

Herman Miller stands among the most recognizable American furniture brands. With their iconic Eames and Aeron lines, it’s impossible to overlook the influence of this powerful stalwart.
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Classic Beauty

We procure and renew classic Herman Miller pieces, including examples of the AO2 system and technologically advanced Aeron mesh task chair.

Undeniable Influence

Herman Miller invented the cubicle with the debut of their Action Office system in the 1960s, winning the Worldesign Congress 1985 award for industrial design.

Timeless Design

Many classic Herman Miller designs, such as those from the Eames Collection, remain in production – and in high demand – even decades later.

Legendary Craftsmanship

Classic Herman Miller products were built to exacting specifications and meant for a lifetime of use. They provide thoughtful and practical solutions to workplace challenges that still exist today.

Brand Snapshot
  • Highly influential furniture brand
  • Legendary designs by Eames, Nelson, Propst, Noguchi, and others
  • Classic pieces were built in the United States
  • Based in Zeeland, Michigan

By working with such legendary designers as Charles and Ray Eames, the company became responsible for some of the most sought-after designs of the 20th century. Those designs include the supremely comfortable Eames Lounge Chair, as well as the Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair.

In addition to their groundbreaking designs, Herman Miller also introduced a new form of office environment that would impact millions of lives. In the mid-1960s, designer Robert Propst unveiled his Action Office concept, which would transform the way people worked by better incorporating movement and openness. Later on, his concept would be better known by some as the cubicle farm, and it would eventually become a standard in office design.

With office system designs like Action Office and Ethospace, as well as their mid-century modern desks and chairs, it’s no surprise that Herman Miller is among the industry’s most recognizable names. We are proud to offer hand-selected classic and Mid-century Herman Miller pieces as part of our METRO Collection.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Herman Miller. Aeron, Action Office, Eames Aluminum Group, Eames Lounge Chair, and Ethospace are Herman Miller trademarks.

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