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After an entire century in business, Steelcase remains at the forefront of innovation, design, and quality, building sturdy commercial furniture that will last a lifetime.
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Advanced Ergonomics

The Steelcase brand is famous for their line of innovative ergonomic seating products, such as the Steelcase Sensor, which was designed in collaboration with Wolfgang Muller-Deisig.

Active Workspaces

Steelcase desk systems, including the venerable Series 9000, are built to accommodate many office configurations and stand the test of time. The company also promotes activity throughout the day with their unique Walkstation treadmill desk.

An Industry Pioneer

Steelcase has patented their innovative ideas since 1914, beginning with a fireproof wastebasket. Since then, the company has been awarded with nearly 2,000 international patents.

Enduring Quality

Our refurbished and classic Steelcase products were built to exacting specifications and designed to endure a lifetime of use.

Brand Snapshot
  • Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Classic pieces made in the United States
  • Legendary brand known for research and innovation
  • Creators of the Leap chair and Series 9000 system

OVER A CENTURY AFTER BEING FOUNDED IN GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, the Steelcase brand remains at the forefront of quality and design. Their furniture products, such as the Series 9000 workstation system, often provide decades of service, and can be found in offices around the world.

They’ve earned an impressive reputation for their innovative product designs, which incorporate a great deal of thought about the future. When first introduced in 1986, the Steelcase Sensor was among the first passively ergonomic task chairs. That legacy continued in 1999 with the introduction of the Leap chair, which incorporated back support technology that mimicked the shape of the human spine. Steelcase’s own research indicated that the improved ergonomics might increase productivity by about 17.8%.

We are proud to offer hand-selected Mid-century and classic Steelcase pieces as part of our METRO Collection. Additionally, we offer refurbished contemporary Steelcase products.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Steelcase. The Series 9000, Sensor, Walkstation, and Leap names are Steelcase trademarks.

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