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Workstations & Cubicles

Facilitate better communication and maximize the value of your space with a stylish business environment that’s composed of our expandable, modular workstations and office systems.
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The best in cubicle forms. Never a cubicle farm.

The Modern Cubicle

The cubicle has a long and storied history, but their mainstream popularity is usually credited to Herman Miller’s legendary Action Office system, which gave rise to modern systems.

After Robert Propst and George Nelson’s concept set the standard for a new class of office furniture, other systems – among them, the legendary Series 9000 line from Steelcase – didn’t take long to appear.

Options That Fit

We offer many high-quality options for those customers who might be in the market for office furniture systems. Our favorites include Friant and their System 2 line, as well as Cherryman’s stylish, value-conscious Verde system, which was designed by industry veteran Manfred Petri.

Authorized Dealer

We’re an official dealer for many leading commercial furniture brands, providing all-inclusive, turn-key delivery and installation services. Whether you need one cubicle or a thousand of them, we have the experience and know-how to handle your project.

Cubicles and Office Systems

Explore our collection of modern office cubicles, modular systems, and workstations.

  • Sale! EL147 172 143.1

    Express Classic D-Top Conferencing Shape

    $1,945.00 $1,653.25
  • Sale! EL177 182 195 144 2

    Express Classic Executive U

    $2,990.00 $2,541.50
  • Sale! Express Laminate Executive U

    Express Laminate Executive U

    $4,420.00 $3,757.00
  • Sale! Executive U with Peninsula Island Desk

    Express Laminate Executive U with Peninsula Island Desk

    $3,195.00 $2,715.75
  • Friant Dash System

    Friant Dash System

  • Friant Interra Panel System

    Friant Interra Panel System

  • Friant NovoFriant Novo

    Friant Novo System

  • Friant System 2

    Friant System 2

  • Friant Verity

    Friant Verity System

  • Herman Miller Action Office 2Herman Miller Action Office 2

    Used Herman Miller Action Office Series 2

  • Steelcase Series 9000Steelcase Series 9000

    Used Steelcase Series 9000 Cubicles

  • Friant Willow Reception Station

    Willow Bow Front Reception Station

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