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Conference Tables

We carry a wide selection of new and used conference tables, from pieces that are simple and modern to bespoke models that belong in a boardroom.
Conference Table Guide
  • Amber Conference Table

    Cherryman Amber Conference Table

  • Emerald Conference TableCherryman Emerald

    Cherryman Emerald Conference Table

  • Ruby Conference Table

    Cherryman Ruby Racetrack Conference Table

  • verde14

    Cherryman Verde 12′ Conference Table

  • Verde Conference Table

    Cherryman Verde Conference Table

  • Communique Rectangular Conference Table

    Communique Rectangular Conference Table

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It’s your seat at the table, and the key to a perfect workspace. We stock chairs that feature ergonomic optimization for long-term use, as well as the durability and style that one expects from a quality office chair.
Seating Guide
  • DMI Keswick Roll Arm Executive Chair

    DMI Keswick Roll Arm Executive Desk Chair

  • Sale! ES-3932

    Express 2:1 Synchro-Tilt Adjustable Mesh Chair

    $340.00 $289.00
  • Sale! ES-3537 SS (Red)

    Express Adjustable Fabric Chair

    $480.00 $408.00
  • Sale! ES-3937 SS (Blue)

    Express Adjustable Mesh Chair

    $480.00 $408.00
  • Sale! ES-3957 SS (Black)

    Express Adjustable Synchro-Tilt SS Chair

    $480.00 $408.00
  • Sale! B500-BK

    Express Adjustable Value Fabric Chair

    $240.00 $204.00
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Desks and Storage

Our quality desks will become the centerpiece of your personal workspace. We stock contemporary, modern, and even classic Mid-century office desks, which are complemented by sturdy and secure storage solutions.
Desk Guide

Workstations, Systems, and Cubicles

Looking to promote conversation and continuity throughout your workspaces? Look no further than our versatile catalog of new and used workstations, office systems, and cubicles.
Workstation Guide
  • Sale! EL147 172 143.1

    Express Classic D-Top Conferencing Shape

    $1,945.00 $1,653.25
  • Sale! EL177 182 195 144 2

    Express Classic Executive U

    $2,990.00 $2,541.50
  • Sale! Express Laminate Executive U

    Express Laminate Executive U

    $4,420.00 $3,757.00
  • Sale! Executive U with Peninsula Island Desk

    Express Laminate Executive U with Peninsula Island Desk

    $3,195.00 $2,715.75
  • Friant Dash System

    Friant Dash System

  • Friant Interra Panel System

    Friant Interra Panel System

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