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Furniture Repairs

Leather cracks. Casters wear out. After enough time passes, even the best office furniture will need repairs.

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Leather cracks. Casters wear out. Pneumatic cylinders break. We’re well-equipped to handle those facts of life.

In addition to our own expertise, we work with the best leather and woodworking specialists in Houston. Reupholster your favorite chair in fine leather, or have a new surface crafted for your conference table. We replace worn armrests, casters, and pneumatic cylinders with OEM-grade parts.


Maybe the finish on your desk no longer shines as it did when you took delivery. Perhaps the rubber on your chair has faded, and there’s a squeak when you lean back in it.

We have solutions for those common problems, as well as many others. When your furniture begins to exhibit symptoms of minor wear, count on us to restore the original beauty and flawless functionality that you’ve come to appreciate.


Over time, office furniture becomes soiled and stained. Instead of replacing your furniture, consider refreshing it.

We use ultraviolet energy to remove bacteria, and eliminate unsightly stains with deep steam cleaning technology. This alternative to replacement is easy on your budget, as well as the environment. Best of all, it provides your employees with improved confidence in their workspace.

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