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Professional Cleaning

Leverage the power of steam to promote a healthier work environment. We disinfect and remove unsightly stains from office chairs, desks, and workstations.

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Rejuvenate soiled and stained office furniture.

Just the Spot

It’s normal for fabric to become soiled and stained over time. Our specialists remove unsightly spots from your office furniture, restoring all its original beauty. The result is a cleaner, more professional business environment that you can see.

Ultraviolet Light

Although our steam cleaning processes are highly effective, we don’t stop there. For even more protection, we add ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to disinfect fabric chairs and work surfaces. We carefully avoid exposing sensitive materials — such as plastics and rubber  — to the UVC light.

We Come to You

It’s not always convenient to move furniture. If moving the furniture to our facility would cause disruption to your business, we also offer on-site express services.

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