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All Signal, No Noise

Whether your application is for a customer service or telemarketing center, your employees need the ability to focus. We can reduce background noise by vertically extending cubicle dividers, as well as installing special panels that are covered in or filled with sound-absorbent material.

Make the Most of Your Space

Our commercial furniture layouts ensure that your space is used as efficiently as possible. At the same time, by leveraging office design principles that are sympathetic to human psychology, we help ensure that the environment itself doesn’t feel crowded.

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Customer Support and Telemarketing Floors
New and used cubicles allow floor space to be used effectively, but without sacrificing privacy and sound insulation.
Private Offices
Find space away from the crowd in your private office. Our private office furniture solutions allow you to concentrate and get work done.
  • Locus 6 Standing DeskLocus 6 Standing Desk

    Locus 6 Standing Desk

  • Locus 5 Standing Desk

    Locus 5 Standing Desk

  • Locus 4 Standing Desk

    Locus 4 Standing Desk

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