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Contemporary and Modern

The contemporary and modern office furniture styles have been staples of the industry for decades. Learn more about them by exploring our style guide.

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What is contemporary furniture?

It's Clean and Simple

Contemporary furniture can always be recognized by clean and simple lines. Although this style of furniture – which, ironically, is frequently associated with the future – may be traced back well over a century, the simplified elegance of contemporary and modern furniture always leaves a striking impression.

A History of Design Evolution

During the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century, contemporary designs often featured then-modern references to electricity in their patterns. Forms and shapes from other advances of that era, such as the emergence of skyscrapers like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, also became prolific.

Around the same time, architect Walter Gropius would heavily influence design as he laid the foundation of his Staatliches Bauhaus, the renowned German art school that sought to meld fine arts with crafts. The school, which was ultimately forced to shutter its doors by the Nazi regime, was an intellectual house for such names as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who would later emigrate to the United States and contribute building designs to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Other architects and designers also left Germany for other countries, spreading the message of Bauhaus around the world and ultimately helping to ignite the Mid-Century modern movement. Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Florence Knoll Bassett, George Nakashima, Milo Baughmann, George Nelson, Issamu Noguchi, and Harry Bertoia became household names.

As the decades went on, computers and other machines became ubiquitous throughout office environments. High-tech designs emerged during the Late Modernism period, integrating technology with human lifestyles. These pieces were highly functional, acknowledged the technology age, and expressed their minimalist design philosophy through heavy use of materials like metal and glass.

Today, contemporary designs are among the most sought-after in office furniture, as well as home furniture and building architecture. Thought leaders, including NeoCon® award-winning designers from idesk and Safco, continue to drive the contemporary style forward.

Contemporary Task Chairs

Get your work done in style with our collection of contemporary and ergonomic task chairs.
  • 405W_ORO-Hi-Task-45Back_1k1

    idesk Oroblanco Stool

  • 402W-coal_front45_1k

    idesk Oroblanco Full Back Task Chair

  • Curva-105-Front-Med

    idesk Curva Aluminum High-Back Mesh

  • friant_chairs_010711_065

    Friant Amenity Mesh Back Task Chair

  • Scene Task Chair

    Flexsteel Scene Task Chair

  • Frontier Task Chair

    Flexsteel Frontier Task Chair

Contemporary Upholstered Chairs

Make your clients, customers, or patients feel like they’re at home with our timeless upholstered chairs. They’re ideal for your lobby, reception area, or lounge.
  • Votive Upholstered Chair

    Flexsteel Votive Upholstered Chair

  • Serium Upholstered Chair

    Flexsteel Serium Upholstered Chair

  • Scale Upholstered Chair

    Flexsteel Scale Upholstered Chair

  • Phylum Upholstered Chair

    Flexsteel Phylum Upholstered Chair

  • Mac Upholstered Chair

    Flexsteel Mac Upholstered Chair

  • Cove Upholstered Chair

    Flexsteel Cove Upholstered Chair

Contemporary Dining Chairs

Your guests will appreciate the contemporary style of our dining collection. These chairs will fit perfectly in any lounge, cafe, employee dining area, or restaurant.
  • Oro_Side_Chai_Front45_Med_1000_

    idesk Oroblanco Side Chair

  • Muse Chair (White w/ Red Legs)

    idesk Muse Chair

  • Curvinna_front45_10002

    idesk Curvinna Chair

  • Sandford Armless Dining Chair

    Flexsteel Sandford Armless Dining Chair

  • Crum Armless Dining Chair

    Flexsteel Crum Armless Dining Chair

Contemporary Side Chairs

Provide your guests with a stylish place to sit down. These chairs add a touch of style to your private office, desk, or lounge.
  • Oro_Side_Chai_Front45_Med_1000_

    idesk Oroblanco Side Chair

  • Muse Chair (White w/ Red Legs)

    idesk Muse Chair

  • Curvinna_Armless-45Front_1k1

    idesk Curvinna Armless Chair

  • friant_chairs_010711_073_large

    Friant Axiom Side Chair

  • Draft Side Chair

    Flexsteel Draft Side Chair

  • Citation Side Chair

    Flexsteel Citation Side Chair

  • Bolster Side Chair

    Flexsteel Bolster Side Chair

  • Amplify Side Chair

    Flexsteel Amplify Side Chair

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